Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin miners maintain and secure the Bitcoin network, as well as process Bitcoin transactions, such as commercial purchases.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used for making payments, just like euros. Due to its operational mechanism, the currency is completely unbreakable, making it an extremely secure means of payment.

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology.

We have included a solution in our service package where you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin, information technology, or mining! We take care of the maintenance, servicing, and all aspects related to mining through remote management.

Yes! Mining computers consume electricity, which is converted almost entirely into heat. On extremely cold days, an average single-family home consumes approximately 8-9 kWh of electricity. The power consumption of a single mining device is 3 kWh. With mining rigs, it is possible to heat a single-family home, provided that the existing heating system of the house allows for it.

If the price of electricity on the power exchange is low, meaning that the electricity grid requires additional load, mining rigs are operated at full capacity during the summer. This improves the profitability of, for example, home solar power systems and supports the electricity grid. Excess heat is blown out during the hottest summer months.

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Could Bitcoin mining be your future heating? Contact Us.

Sunbit offers a new way to heat homes or larger spaces by utilizing waste heat from Bitcoin mining and increasing the profitability of solar energy for households.


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