About Us


We are a fully Finnish startup established in 2023. Our goal is to make heating as many Finnish homes as possible free of charge.

How did the idea originate

The idea originated from an interest to cryptocurrencies, so I started mining in 2020 and noticed that the devices were generating heat. This has normally been a problem because miners perform poorly if the heat cannot be dissipated anywhere.

I have been working in the heating and energy industry, specifically in sales and energy calculations, so the idea evolved alongside my work experience. Throughout my career, I have visited over 1000 boiler rooms, so heating technology is familiar to me.

This is how the final idea and solution came to be.

Elmeri Suomi


Could Bitcoin mining be your future heating? Contact Us.

Sunbit offers a new way to heat homes or larger spaces by utilizing waste heat from Bitcoin mining and increasing the profitability of solar energy for households.


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