Heating your home for free with waste heat from Bitcoin mining

Sunbit offers a new way to heat homes or larger spaces by utilizing waste heat from Bitcoin mining and increasing the profitability of solar energy for households.

How does heating a home with Bitcoin mining work?

Electricity is used for mining

An individual Bitcoin miner consumes about 3 kilowatts per hour at full power. This is directly comparable to electric heating. In addition to miners, solar panels are the best solution for electric heating.

Mining equipment produces Bitcoins

Miners are computers that maintain the network and earn income as compensation for their services. On average, these devices earn about 10-15 cents per kilowatt consumed. As long as the customer has a favorable electricity agreement, heating can be free or even profitable.

Mining generates waste heat

The electricity consumed by the devices is converted to almost 100% heat. Typically, this heat generated during mining is not utilized and is instead expelled directly outside.

Waste heat generated is utilized

Previously wasted heat is utilized for heating homes, garages, or, for example, greenhouses. This way, we make heating the home free and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint of mining!

Why heating through mining?

Bitcoin mining is already a profitable business that happens to generate waste heat. Why wouldn’t this heat be utilized for home heating?

Affordable heating


The customer no longer needs to worry about high heating costs and, in the best case scenario, can even earn additional income by heating their home.

Part of sustainable future


Bitcoin mining encourages the owner to install solar panels due to the profitability of mining.

Peace of mind


The customer doesn’t need to worry about receiving only the market price for the surplus energy generated by their solar panels, which is typically low during the summer due to the seasonal nature of renewable energy sources.

Ease of use


We have included a solution in our service package where you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin, technology, or mining! We take care of maintenance, support, and all aspects related to mining through remote management.
The better choiCe

The sustainable future of home heating through Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin miners naturally always seek the cheapest energy sources, which are practically always renewable energy sources and nuclear power. Other heating methods poorly utilize these energy sources, such as direct electric heating. As alternatives to other energy sources, solar panels cover the electricity consumed by miners and generate clean additional income for households during the summer season, as well as providing a warm home and potentially also hot water.

With our solutions, we also make Bitcoin mining carbon-neutral by utilizing energy that would typically go to waste for heating homes.

Better investment

The most cost-effective way to heat a home

No other heating system is zero-cost or potentially profitable for the resident.

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The green side of Bitcoin mining: A sustainable solution for heating and support to the power grid.

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Sunbit offers a new way to heat homes or larger spaces by utilizing waste heat from Bitcoin mining and increasing the profitability of solar energy for households.


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